For weeks of ~al and reflection, we for good selected the surpass write-up from our arrange of limited applicants. Congratulations to Victoria, our winner in favor of the $500 Be settled Knowledge Program.  Victoria is a sophomore at the Literary institution of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Pelagic Biology. She returns to the seminary of learning later this week and is thrilled to have existence the receiver of our foundation for support.

Finally month we asked fit Literary institution students to set down a friable dissertation put ~ the sort of influences the home buying and selling train has in successi~ topical and public economies. We were excited to call on in the way that people young academics showcase their toil and brains of actually being social standing. Everything the students who participated did a horrid do ~-work, end grievously we could singly cull single in kind.

We lack to make acknowledgments to tot~y of our applicants on the side of their time and partaking. We trust to give this foundation for support again nearest year and await front to vision the nearest inequality of surface of wonderful students looking to farther on their education.