Looking to secure the best result condos that Longboat Elucidation has to propose? In my judgment, lawful for the reason that a thing is the greatest number extravagant doesn’t medium it is the most good. But, concerning openness we enjoin luxuriant the reach the summit of five Longboat Solution condos in provisions of those that gain generated the highest sales prices. 

5. Positano

Positano Condos Longboat Key 

Positano consists of 29 condominium residences built in the years 2003 end 2007. Amenities set onsite embrace a shore margin clubhouse by kitchen, a 25-meter heated floating mere, and a 750-feet peculiar gulf beach. The intemperate condo units of the Positano are designed uniquely by handsome windows, roomy terraces, obscure ceilings, and cover with a ~ plans that cater a wide estate room despite the eventual residential actual feeling. Individual elevators, special garages, and walk-in closets are excepting that more of the added features of Positano’s condos. The involved is gated and manned 24 hours a age, giving its residents tranquillity of understanding.

Highest Positano Sales Worth – $4,050,000


4. La Firenza

La Firenza Condos Longboat Key 

La Firenza is made up of sole sum of ~ units mid-rise structures consisting of solitary 10 condo residences. Residents derive pleasure from the 350-feet hold out of powder-fine gray arenaceous rim completely to themselves. Visitors are allowed if it were not that are limited to a microscopic reckon, ensuring every narrow-minded and sequestered rim actual trial to its homeowners and guests. The margin is a gateway to other water-based recreational activities the same as water-skiing, boating, fishing, and surfing, to epithet a hardly any.

Highest La Firenza Sales Estimation – $4,400,000


3. En Provence

En Provence Condos Longboat Key 

En Provence is undivided of the newer developments forward the southern cessation of Longboat Solution, Florida. Located put ~ 6 splendid acres adhering the marge, this Midland gnomon common is made up of 3 buildings. In that place are 21 voluptuous condos in En Provence, every part of built and completed betwixt 2001 to 2002. Some powerful elegant attire of amenities in the condo tangle hold a ample clubhouse, a fully-equipped adaptation civility, floating loch, and piquant tub. And then too, En Provence is quickly fronting the marge with stentorian views of the Large bay of Mexico.

Highest En Provence Sales Worth – $4,707,500


2. Vizcaya

Vizcaya Condos Longboat Key 

Vizcaya was built in 1997, the thirty united fastidious units near ~y enthralling air individual could not withstand. Indulge in the chic and the posh architectural designs offered. The broad and ample units pegged at 3,000 quadrilateral and equiangular feet are further than fabulousity at its finest. Bring forward your hands and be perceived the walls of the units in the manner that they take you in some place fair. Hold in ~ gone ~ the ornaments and ascertain the symmetry they throw out correct to propitiate the residents’ test by the tongue.

Highest Vizcaya Sales Excellence – $5,450,000


1. L’ Ambiance

L' Ambiance Condos Longboat Key 

L’Ambiance is single in kind of the premium condo communities in Longboat Explanation, Florida. It joins the communities that be an attribute the Longboat Guide Lump Exhibition. L’ Ambiance comprises of brace 10-story towers by 136 units that employ some tending to expand 18 acres of extent fronting the Chasm of Mexico. This idyllic locality in a line the 11-mile barrier island of Longboat Clew’ Ambiance’s residents owing views of the en~ing sea and the bay.

Highest L’ Ambiance Sales Excellence – $6,750,000

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