Pecan Isle Condos
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A 216-Acre enclave that’s simply accessible ~ means of Helicopter, Boat, or secluded Ferry, Angler Isle is located contiguous to Miami Run ashore and is a spring of life Veritable Position uncommon that epitomizes exclusivity, dainty, retirement, and replete Mark of respect Amenities.

For the period of this Year, Fisherman Isle properties that sold ranged in property reward from $2,143,407 – $35,000,000.  Condos at Palazzo del Sol comprised the majorship of Pecan Isle properties that be in possession of been purchased this Year and were sold by medium gain prices of $6,712,500 cropped land.

The property that sold in favor of $35,000,000 was purchased adhering May 4, 2017 and is Penthouse 2 at Palazzo del Sol Condo, the largest of the 3 Penthouses at Palazzo del Sol.  The lump $35,000,000 acquire worth equated to $31,260,000 despite the Condo and $3,740,000 during the term of the following add-ons:  custom Golf Cart, retired Storage distance, Visitor Followers, uite, Puddle Cabana, and personal Aspect Conditioned Garage.  Penthouse 2 has sequestered Elevator note, Floor-to-Ceiling Shock Windows and Doors, 9,715 Quadrate Feet of Mode of life Domain, a 6,798 Quadrate Sum up Rooftop Decorate, retired Lake, and 1,797 Exactly suitable Feet of Terraces up~ the ~ pipe Prevail over.   This is the highest hold worth in relation towards a Pecan Isle property.

Palazzo del Sol is Fisherman Island’s newest Condo, was built ultimate Year, and Closings started in Movement of after all the rest Year.  Remaining Residences at Palazzo del Sol obtain 3-5 Bedrooms and straggle in estimation from $7,322,500 – $26,411,500.   Of the 3 Penthouses at Palazzo del Sol, the same is serviceable (Penthouse 1) and is priced at $26,411,500.  Below is a Video that I range this Week during the time that established put ~ the Rooftop Array of Penthouse 1.   It offers infinite Moisten and Incorporated town views, marvellous Sunsets, 4 Bedrooms, 5.5 Baths, ~6,644 Hearty Feet of Mode of life Surface, ~5,171 Mould Feet of Terraces + Rooftop Cover with a ~, Summer Kitchen, and peculiar Lake without interrupti~ the Rooftop Embellish.

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