Ft. Lauderdale Townhomes (Waterfront and non-Waterfront)

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Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Townhomes

Waterfront Townhomes Sold in Ft. Lauderdale

Waterfront High sea Approach Townhomes that were purchased in Ft. Lauderdale Year-to-date during 2016 were sold towards prices that ranged from $410,000 – $1,440,000, by some medial sum get value of $994,053.

19 properties sold and are located in Northeast and Southeast areas of Ft. Lauderdale in the following Communities:  Water’s Rim Townhomes, Seminole Townhouses, Seminole Lake Townhouses, Seaside Villas, Santorini Townhomes, Portside Yacht Society, Nurmi Isles Townhomes, La Maison Blanche, Intracoastal 31, Dockside Town, and Coral Fix.  With the objection of 2 properties, totality embody Boat Dockage in Communities outside of Fixed Bridges.

Of Waterfront Townhomes (not including Oceanfront) that are publicly forward the Emporium according to demand in Ft. Lauderdale, 41 are listed toward market and their prices reach from $377,100 – $2,500,000, by each medium value of $1,097,885.

In comparing the Waterfront Condo and Townhome Emporium, it should subsist celebrated that Waterfront Townhomes are a true moderate portion of the available Inventory.

Non-Waterfront Townhomes Sold in Ft. Lauderdale

172 Non-Waterfront Townhomes were purchased in Ft. Lauderdale Year-to-date for the time of 2016 and were sold in spite of prices that ranged from $170,000 – $1,250,000, by ~y medial sum bargain recompense of $405,619.   Of the Townhomes that were purchased, those that are located in East Ft. Lauderdale, lately constructed, and of the largest greatness  sold in opposition to the highest bargain prices.