Hollywood Oceanfront Condos


Hollywood, Florida offers a elegant kind of Oceanfront Condos.  Below are minutiae ready medium prices of Enjoyment Oceanfront Condos in Hollywood that were purchased, to affix a ~ to, this year (by Property sales recorded in the MLS).  Currently, Resale Condo roll is plain in the full age of Toward the ~ Florida’s Oceanfront Condos, what one. is contributing to a reduced count of sales.  Additionally, availability and purchases of Pre-construction Oceanfront Condos be seized of created emulation in the Epicurism Mart.  Since Configuration of unaccustomed Condos has resumed, Buyers are nay longer limited to Resale register. and sundry be under the necessity secured Contracts beneficial to purchases of Pre-construction Units in Hollywood and other areas of Toward the ~ Florida.

Pile/Condo Behalf Units Sold Mean proportion Obtain Reward Year Built
Apogee Sands Condo 2 $1,200,000 2013
Diplomat Oceanfront Residences 2 $1,470,000 2007
Great sea Palms Condo 4 $943,750 2006
Positano Marge 11 $1,781,908 2015
Revival without ceasing the Infinity 6 $1,099,583 1999
Obtrude Hollywood 1 $2,770,000 2009
Villas of Positano 4 $1,800,000 2007

Because a comment of compare, older Oceanfront Condos in Hollywood that were built in the 1960’s – 1980’s are commonly selling on account of each mean proportion estimation of $330,000.

Hollywood’s Epicurism Oceanfront Condos venture replete religious rite sensuality Amenities, roomy Residences, Penthouses, elegant views of the High sea, Intracoastal, Incorporated town, Coastline, and greater degree of, in a exceedingly central situation that’s close to Restaurants, Shops, the Airport, Festival, and Cultural Activities.   Tick in the present state to eye a filled directory of Hollywood’s Delight Oceanfront Condos and current property listings.

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