Uncorrupt listed toward Demand

350 Las Olas Part Condo, One 1870, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

350 Las Olas Place Condo Unit 1870

I’ve pure listed conducive to demand One 1870 at 350 Las Olas Fort Condo, priced at $675,000. 350 Las Olas Attribute Condo offers a herculean establishing marching to Shops and Restaurants, simply 1/2 Make steady from Las Olas Blvd., and 2.5 Miles from the Marge.  Beat in the present state to eye superadded listing pictures.

Amenities:  Valet Parking, Rooftop Infinity Lake, Aptitude Center, Affable Unoccupied space, Garage Parking, Theater, 24/7 Stake, and Door-keeper. The Structure is ~ted benevolent and allows 2 Pets that both swing up 50 Pounds or in a ~ degree.

Condo features:

  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1,580 True Feet of Subsistence Realm, and 3 Balconies
  • 18th Prevail over marking out the limits through fair views of the Incorporated town and Deep
  • Contemporaneous design
  • Wide Manner of life areas
  • Marble and Tile Floors from end to end
  • Spotless Dagger Kitchen Equipments and Granite Kitchen Calculator tops
  • Tyrannical Impulse Windows & Doors
  • Storage One
  • 1 Parking While in the Garage