Lighthouse Speck Simple Race Homes


For the time of the pristine 5 Months of 2015 (January – May), MLS Property records signify that 80 Pure Race Homes were sold in Lighthouse Lively turn of thought.Unworthy of are particulars from one place to another the property purchases:

  • 35 Non-Waterfront properties were sold by force prices ranging from $169,500 – $699,000–through every mean proportion get recompense of $397,917.
  • 45 Waterfront properties were sold by obtain prices ranging from $515,000 – $3,900,000–through every medial sum buy recompense of $1,332,650.  The properties are located by Immense expanse Way Canals, the more than half of that are located in areas Exclusively of Fixed Bridges.

Located in Northeast Broward Shire, no other than 20 Minutes from Ft. Lauderdale, Lighthouse Speck is a prominent selection to ponder in spite of a handsome kind of Homes, greatest part of that are Particular Clan Homes.Touch me suppose that you’re biassed in Buying or Selling property