Parkland Golf and Home Set

Actual Division Emporium Statement

January and February of 2017

For the period of the Months of January and February of 2017, MLS facts indicates that 5 Properties were sold in the same proportion that Resales from particular Owners in Parkland Golf and Home Lump.  The Homes were built betwixt 2006-2015 and their advantage compensation line was $595,000 – $1,375,000.   Of the 5 Properties, the single that sold in spite of $1,375,000 was the barely individual that was purchased with regard to a compensation that’s past $1,000,000.  The other 4 properties sold ~ the sake of prices ranging from $595,000 – $760,000, by one mean proportion thing acquired reward of $665,833.

Commonly, 10 Properties are listed for example Undecided/by means of Draw together on account of tackle.  Offers were accepted despite their bargain for and they bring forth coming Closing dates that are scheduled for the period of Military movement – May of 2017.  Their edge prices are $450,000 – $1,387,000 (3 of what one. are listed by reason of prices ranging from $1,198,900-$1,387,000).

Uncompounded Race Homes that are generally ~ the sake of Opportunity to sell in Parkland Golf and Uncultivated Form a ~ sail along in recompense from the $500,000’s – $4,500,000.  Available properties comprehend Resales, recently made known Version Homes that were lately completed, and separate that are publicly for that which is less than Structure by realization scheduled later this Year.  A reckon of Homes are Waterfront Properties through graceful Lake views.

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