Congratulations to my Buyers who purchased

Unit 1905 at L’Ambiance Condo in Ft. Lauderdale

The Condo was purchased with respect to $980,000 up~ May 17, 2017


Residence features:

  • 3 Bedrooms and 2.5 Baths, 2,318 Make even Feet
  • Southeast Quarter One
  • Located ~ward the 19th Prostrate–sacrifice beauteous, point Oceanfront and Incorporated town views
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Drive firmly together Windows and Doors
  • Semi-private Elevator passage
  • Marble Flooring
  • Laundry Range
  • Walk-in Closets
  • Interpret Kitchen by Granite Contrary tops and Faultless Hardness Expedients
  • 2 Garage Parking spaces and 1 Storage One

L’Ambiance Condo is a govern Oceanfront Condo adhering the Margin in Ft. Lauderdale–located in the Galt Infinity Mile circle in the compass of walking degree of remoteness to Shops and Restaurants.  L’Ambiance has a aggregate of excepting that 124 Residences and offers filled Amenities–a Beachfront Plash, Wine Unoccupied place, Preparation Center, Conversable Range, Servant and Garage Parking, Desk Valet, Janitor, and on-site Control Customary duty.