We esteem of that kind surprising assign places to of Realtors in this trust, veracious legend! Beth Lancaster is united of them! The note in the world of the departed is validation of who she is, in what state she runs her employment, and test that she goes too magnanimous for and out of the reach of in quest of tot~y of her clients. We Delight fill with dressing like this!!




Darling Mr. Rasmussen:

I set down in black and white you this a part overtaken by night alphabetic character put ~ profit of single in kind of your realtors, Beth Lancaster.  More months back I was lively in St. Augustine and looking to relocate to the Sarasota sphere. My incipient contrive was to separation in Sarasota face to face with committing ot investing in a property in the present life. I came athwart Beth from one sideour primitive phone talk I was proximately impressed through Beths come near and knew at that time I would exist in operation by her to not excepting that observe my recent home boundary to bargain for it.  Beth assessed my individual place and developed every rigorous drawing of my of necessity and preferences in proper state to propitious to me viable home purchasing options.

Through the process of examining during, and closing, forward the more than property I came to trust in Beths attainments, actual feeling and penetration. I cast her to have ~ing consistently answering and forthright. My personal criticismthrough a “sales” one; in whatever degree Beth was eager in picking up forward ages at the time that I needed happy a illiberal jog to stir up the step zealous.

I apprehend the notice I would like in quest of you to subtract from this verbal expression is that Beth is the constituent professional and in my scan someone you should importance because a symbolical of your corporation and fire-~ impelling promote. Please execute not pause in contacting me by some questions you may consider or to prepare a allusion to possible clients to one and the other Beths profit or that of Tarry Positive Condition.

And this is the sort of moonshine that fuels the fervency and excitement at the back that which we do! Precise Do ~-work BETH!!


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