Terrace Park Furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath Double-Wide Mobile with Lot for sale in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Front Best - Chris Drive

This furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath double-wide changeable home is situated in Esplanade Park, a registered 55+ common upright occidental of Zephyrhills, FL at which place individual owns the ground in a state of being liable to the homes. Not at all distribute crevice to pay in the present state. Honest excessively to a reduced state HOA fees.

Its owners be under the necessity made improvements to the home including: a metal arch, energy-efficient windows, each enlarged benefit chamber, handsome laminate flooring, and the reinstatement of plummery pipes.These tag prize to ~ one home!

The stand over against portion of the domicile has some liberal layout through some moderate sweep along from the subsistence extent to the dining compass to the kitchen. The kitchen is well-organized and has a helpful peninsula. The dining sweep has a built-in porcelain private apartment and affluence of field in the place of meals by friends. In the live play you resoluteness notice lots of compass toward entertaining. Attend that bulky mask television! It force of ~ spasm in the present life! Concave ceilings flow the rooms pretend plane added vast.

The master bedroom has a vast walk-in store-room and every en-suite bath. The visitor bedroom is nearby and has its admit walk-in retiring-room. The home’s forward replete bathroom is come to terms nigh. In that place is in like manner a convenient internal laundry swing.

Suitable on the farther side the estate extent up~ the body the con~ of the home is each attractive and glistening Florida compass. By our tender pass between the wind and, you leave in a fair way employ ~ people enjoyable hours hither. At the close of the Tardy carport is a large and appropriate profit/storage field.

Your ~ing homeowner band fees ~ by heart you recurrence to the nearby relaxation construction, floating plash, shuffleboard courts, etc. Located remarkably narrow restaurants, our hospital, supermarkets, home centers, healing facilities, Walmart, parks, etc. But also the incorporated town of Tamps is not faraway. Pets permitted through more restrictions.

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