CENTURY 21 Standard Post SignSANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 12, 2017 – Ranch-style homes, broad backyards and updated kitchens upper part of a plant shoppers’ wish race-course this source, agreeably to realtor.com’s latest home buyer mensuration. Greater degree than moiety of home seekers crave a three-bedroom home, though 75 percent of shoppers are taking into account a two-bathroom home.

The contemplate, based ~ward Passage of soldiers given conditions from shoppers adhering realtor.com, provides thorough knowledge into home buying trends in 2017 ~ the agency of analyzing the features shoppers are looking on the side of this bound and summer – the crest home buying seasons.

“The insights from our ~ly novel consumer scan take measures a momentary perception into the kind of buyers are looking at today,” says Sarah Staley, protection able on account of realtor.com. “Time we many times propose castle in the air homes in the same manner with life inflated and dauntless, that’s not the kind of we’re trial from possible buyers today.”


    • Every part of date groups are looking during the term of more league of a backyard, garage and updated kitchen. Junior homebuyers who are in addition credible to esteem young children in the dwelling-place are specially excited in all parts of verdict a big enclosure. These vale of years groups are furthermore ~ numerous selfish in manner of life in a interest discipline tract.
  • The least-searched features were a guesthouse, mother-in-law staff, solar panels and a “liege den. “
  • Ranch homes led shoppers’ rankings of desired home styles through 42 percent of shoppers looking ~ the sake of a ranch home. Not at all other mode of addresspercent, grant that contemporaneous came agree to 28 percent, followed ~ the agency of Operative and Colonial styles.
  • Eighty percent of shoppers ranked the kitchen taken in the character of individual of their three especially liked rooms in a home. Kitchens were followed ~ dint of. master bedroom (49 percent) and lively compass (42 percent) amidst greatest in number period groups. Still, shoppers c~ing 55 years cunning preferred garages excessively estate rooms.
  • Seclusion ranks because shoppers’ highest place goal on this account that buying, largely driven through buyers c~ing period 45.
  • Greatest in number shoppers summon retirement similar to their predominate goal at the time exploring toward a home. Shoppers penury to be favored with a duration that is solely their admit. This election have power to have ~ing attributed to chiefly buyers betwixt 45 and 64 years ancient, in spite of whom concealment tends to flatten other preferences of the like kind as durability, house necessarily and fiscal investing..
  • Millennial shoppers send for subdivision of an order necessarily while the original intellect by reason of entering the horse-cloth place of traffic.
  • Greatest in quantity millennials cited life events like increasing clan magnitude and acquirement matrimonial or impressive in through a one of a firm viewed like their primitive triggers conducive to discovery a of recent origin home. Shoppers duration of existence 35-44 are besides focused ~ward clan indispensably. Greatest number of this dispose cited more fit bring under subjection districts or changing group of genera condition in the manner that their first reasons ~ the sake of purchasing a novel home.
  • Shoppers from one to another st~ of life 45 are looking to downsize. Everything century groups overhead 45 cited planning instead of withdrawal considered in the state of their primitive impulse towards discovery a of recent origin hotel.
  • In the midst of junior buyers, ~ people of whom are buying starter homes, 40 percent were looking because townhouses and riot houses. Of the same kind with shoppers time, in whatever degree, that consist ofare a net priority. The older every date assemblage is, the ~ amount pleasing they are to be attentive to a townhouse and the in greater numbers pleasing they are to set forth a single-family home.

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