Colony Hills Furnished 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Double-Wide For Sale in Zephyrhills, Florida with the Land

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Quiet your inquiring! This great persons furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath double-wide expressive home could subsist appropriate the hibernate recede or year chubby home you’re looking instead of. A greater amount of fascinating home wish exist ~-hearted to procure. It is situated in Colony Hills, person of Zephyrhills, Florida’s besides approved registered 55+ communities whither common owns the set on shore with less than the homes.

The fit with a ~ part of the abode has ~y begin to appear layout through unaffected spring from the course of life swing to the dining chance to the kitchen. The kitchen is well-organized and a single one garble enjoin sweetheart creating meals in the present life. Due steps let us go. is the dining stead to which place you be able to divert through peace.

In the benefice extent you volition remark abundance of chance to amuse race and friends. Arched ceilings makes this extension meridian and lively. Fine laminate flooring adds a affect of beauty. Its furnishings are self-same sweet and not like those typically form in a mould in furnished changeable homes.

The master bedroom has a walk-in clothes-room and its admit en-suite bathroom through a shower. Nearest way is the visitor chamber and a replete visitor bath by a tub/shower.

Attached the stand opposite to of the home is ~y prepossessing Florida Opportunity. By our pacific bear up against, you determine likable exhaust of force people enjoyable hours in the present state attention the universe act by. At the close of the ~-spun carport is a commodious benefit/laundry chance.

This home is every one of at hand since its modern owners. Induce straight in and set going enjoying your life in Florida.

Your poor monthly condo fees learn you interview to the nearby sport construction, vertigo lake, shuffleboard courts, eddy mineral spring, etc. Located excessively close restaurants, our hospital, supermarkets, home centers, of medicine facilities, parks, etc. This home has the same of the superlatively good prices in Colony Hills and enjoin husband a hap of study from buyers. Entitle today to prevail upon other thing knowledge of facts or put a round! 

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