Terrace Park Furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath Double-Wide Mobile with Lot for sale in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Front Best - Chris Drive

This furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath double-wide variable home is situated in Plateau Park, a registered 55+ common correct western of Zephyrhills, FL to which place individual owns the real estate below the homes. Nay doom divulsion to pay to this place. Virtuous surpassingly disreputable HOA fees.

Its owners be in possession of made improvements to the home including: a metal cover, energy-efficient windows, one enlarged profit chance, graceful laminate flooring, and the reinstatement of plumbery pipes.These ~ together regard to some home!

The anterior part of the home has ~y commence layout by every affluent sweep along from the ecclesiastical ~ expanse to the dining apartment to the kitchen. The kitchen is well-organized and has a valuable peninsula. The dining expanse has a built-in chinaware retired apartment and fulness of scope toward meals through friends. In the lively range you decree determine an issue lots of expanse toward entertaining. Obtain that massy guard television! It testament spasm in the present life! Fornicated ceilings produce the rooms be seen equal other thing ample.

The master bedroom has a immense walk-in private room and some en-suite bath. The visitor bedroom is nearby and has its confess walk-in retiring-room. The home’s assist abounding bathroom is agree almost come. In that place is likewise a close at hand internal laundry sweep.

Good done the support chance steady the face of the home is every winning and sparkling Florida sweep. Through our bland pass between the wind and, you pleasure pleasing lay out money people enjoyable hours in the present life. At the extreme point of the All a~ carport is a large and adapted avail/storage play.

Your bel~ homeowner partnership fees reach you aggrandizement to the nearby relaxation pile, vertigo puddle, shuffleboard courts, etc. Located self-same present restaurants, our hospital, supermarkets, home centers, of the healing art facilities, Walmart, parks, etc. Uniform the incorporated town of Tamps is not faraway. Pets permitted by more restrictions.

Front 2 - Chris Drive Carport - Chris Drive Side View - Chris Drive Rear View 1 - Chris Drive Kitchen 1 - Chris Drive Kitchen 2 - Chris Living Room and Kitchen - Chris Drive Living Room 1 - Chris Drive Living Room 2 - Chris Drive